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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Soothing Body, Mind, and Soul

Sep 27, 2011 06:28PM

Mom, please call the doctor my back hurts again!” My youngest son, Ryan, has become quite a maintenance project lately. He started the summer by tearing the cartilage from the back of his patella which earned him a fast pass to knee surgery, physical therapy, and osteopathic visits. He has also had severe sprains, shoulder stingers, and strain on his good knee. Throw in orthodontics and haircuts and it feels like a full-time job maintaining all his body parts!

Ryan loves football and as a big guy he fits right in. One would guess this hard-hitting sport would be the source of his injuries, but they always come from the playground or physical education class. He is just 14 and is already 6’4” so I am certain his quick growth is contributing to the ease of injury. His muscular system is working hard to keep up with the skeletal system. In our Fitbody column, Aligning for Fitness, Jeff Ludwick, DC explains, “With properly aligned skeletal and nervous systems, an athlete’s body doesn’t have to work as hard, which is why team members receive spinal adjustments before hitting the field for this high-impact sport.” In my experience, keeping the body in alignment has accelerated healing on many occasions. We are fortunate to have an Osteopathic Doctor who has worked with our family for over 10 years, so she is our first line of defense with my growing athlete.

In addition to tips for keeping the body finely tuned, in this month’s Green Living – Blue Planet issue you’ll find a heartfelt perspective on loving a sustainable life from actress and activist Daryl Hannah [page 18]. Learn how to lighten your water footprint on page 22. And keep your pet’s skin and urinary health in tip-top shape with prevention advice on pages 16 and 28.

Plus, discover a host of activities to soothe your spirit and soul. This issue is jam-packed with events to choose from to plan your fall calendar. In October, Dr. and Master Sha will visit Aquarian Dreams in Indialantic to assist with transforming the soul. Put on a pink bra and join the walk to make strides against breast cancer in Viera on October 22nd . We’ll be there under a tent so please stop by and say hi. With the special date of 11-11-11 on the horizon we offer several events to choose from: Hay House, I Can Do It conference in Tampa, One Breath One World Concert and Breath experience at UCF Arena, and a Vibrational Transformation weekend with Panache Desai in Orlando.

Here’s to keeping body, mind, and soul – soothed, centered and healthy!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher