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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Vibrational Transformation with Panache Desai: “Within every person lives a vision, on 11-11-11 fear dissolves and your visions become reality,” states Spiritual Master Panache Desai.

Sep 27, 2011 07:19PM

“There is nothing wrong with you, you are loved just the way you are.” Panache Desai



Continuing Professional Development for Light-Workers and Healers  Orlando , November 11

Experience a quantum leap in every area of your life as contemporary spiritual master Panache Desai offers a dynamic, three-hour professional development course for anyone who works with conscious intent to assist humanity through these times of accelerated planetary ascension. His Illumination workshop will be held as a pre-conference workshop to his 11-11-11 Global Gathering in Orlando on Friday, November 11, 2011 from noon until 3pm.

We are in a time of vibrant change and integrating the constantly evolving universal energies that are flooding our planet and her inhabitants can be extremely challenging. Many professionals find themselves exhausted, burned-out and needing care, sometimes even more than those who seek them out. Many struggle not only financially, but also in the arenas of abundance, health and wellness. "When it comes to self-love and self-care, most light-workers and healers are like the shoemaker's children who go without shoes," shares Panache.

Panache will offer individual attunements and activations - an Infinite Divine Protocol© - to align you with the very latest planetary energies, enabling your life to be catapulted to ever higher levels of love, light, service, abundance, health and healing.

Location: Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort, 51 Chelonia Parkway, Orlando. Pre-registration fee $109.

Access The Power To Live Your Greatest Life

Panache Desai’s 2011 Global Gathering

Orlando, November 11-13

Within every person lives a vision; a dream of love, transformation, health and abundance... a burning desire to live one's divine destiny. Your defining moment may be accessed at contemporary spiritual master Panache Desai’s 3-day Florida Gathering, November 11-13 in Orlando.

11-11-11 is the most important harmonic gateway to be anchored as it is the birth of unity consciousness and the beginning of the end of polarity. The light that is preparing to pierce our reality is a bridge that will carry you out of limitation, lack and suffering into radiant joy, inner-peace, and an effective life.

  • Elevate vibrationally and access greater potential.

  • Dissipate emotional charges and integrate the vibrational density that robs you from a life of unlimited possibilities.

  • Access wisdom, insight, knowledge and security by allowing your higher self to guide your daily interactions.

  • Expand your capacity to become a greater vessel through which the Divine can work

  • Learn vibrational tools that empower you to expand upon what you bring home from this weekend so that you may continue to expand the foundation for a workable, effective and radiant life.

Panache Desai is an inspirational visionary whose gift of spiritual awakening and vibrational transformation has drawn tens of thousands of people from all over the world. Young, hip and funny, he is a modern-day avatar who acts as a direct link to Divine consciousness inspiring people of all nationalities, religious beliefs, and faiths to transform their lives through the power of connection to Source – their own “guru” within. He empowers people to free themselves of pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs, opening them to infinite possibilities for their lives.

Location: Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort, 14100 Bonnet Creek Resort Lane, Orlando. Pre-registration fee $299 per person. Limited discounted rate (through November 1) of $199 PLUS 1 companion for $99.

For additional information on these events visit: or call 239-649-7373.

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