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One Breath, One World: A Revolution in Rock Concerts, Prayer Circles and Power Breathing

Sep 01, 2011 03:32PM ● By Renee Speir

Few human experiences can match the energy of a rock concert. The cheering, bright lights and a massive crowd celebrating make a live concert one of the most intense social experiences. Qigong teacher Jeff Primack believes “group energy” at concerts can be harnessed and used to send healing prayers around the world.

Primack currently draws over 2000 people at a time for these gatherings inside convention centers. Students give ecstatically charged testimonials describing a natural high better than any drug and an experience of “biological oneness” with the universe. Primack is teaming up with Sheryl Crow and other musical artists on 11-11-11 to create an event called, “One Breath One World”. His goal is to have 10,000 people under one roof experience biological bliss/oneness at the same exact time.

The method Primack uses to create this euphoric feeling in his students is something he calls the 9-Breath Method or simply Power Breathing. Yoga teaches that Prana fills the air we breathe and when we breathe in certain ways it saturates the body with oxygen and electricity. Primack says this electricity is what gives the natural high. He blends live music and prayer with the power breathing in ways that leave even skeptics transformed.

Primack refers to himself as a Qigong Practitioner and claims people can simply harness God’s natural life-energy and that people have been doing it for 5000 years. The basic theory behind Qigong is that energy-chi moves the blood in our body. A healing force gives a full-body vibration in as short as 9 breaths. Primack states that Qigong is the only form of exercise that can circulate as much blood as jogging 5 miles, but while standing perfectly still. Qigong receives media attention from Dr. Oz and scientific circles for its ability to combat aging and reverse many diseases. Martial artists use the breathing techniques to generate more power, enhance their sensory acuity and respond more quickly and calmly to life on and off the mat. However, power breathing goes a step further and can give even the most thick-headed man a true energy experience. Through this type of breath work the body hums and vibrates with a tangible pulsation that everyone feels.

Sheryl Crow on 11-11-11 is performing a live 90-minute concert celebrating global ONENESS while Primack leads a power breathing prayer circle. Why did Primack choose the eleven-eleven date? He claims it has nothing to do with astrology, because God’s energy is present all the time, but rather says it is a date that people all over the world will be celebrating oneness. On this most auspicious day it will be the fi rst time in human history that ten thousand people will unite in breath and prayer.

Concertgoers love the experience of a live performance primarily because the GROUP ENERGY is very strong at these events. Of course, it takes the amazing skills of the musical artist to raise everyone’s vibration, but what happens when concerts intentionally use the energy of chi in their experience? What happens when artists like Sheryl Crow and other world famous performers assemble huge crowds to celebrate and breathe for world peace? As millions of Americans suddenly experience oneness-bliss it will only be a short time before the newest entertainment trend is live music concerts enhanced by a massive power breathing prayer circle.

One Breath One World” is a once in a lifetime event coming to Orlando UCF Arena on November 11, 2011 from 7:-11:11pm. Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack, Music Artist Sheryl Crow and other talent will be present. For more information visit

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