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LEADERS in WOMEN’S HEALTH: Meet Brevard & Indian River’s Leading Women’s Healthcare Physicians and Practitioners

Apr 27, 2011 05:54PM

A good doctor can help you when you’re sick. Great wellness practitioners and holistic health care providers help you to stay well, by guiding you through the practices that keep you healthy in body, mind and spirit. As we begin to take charge of our own health, we begin searching for a new kind of guidance. We look for those who are leaders in natural health and preventative medicine, offer inspirational guidance, positive vision, and encourage their patients to participate in their own health.

Here in Brevard and Indian River Counties, we’re fortunate to have a wealth of such professionals. To help you choose the modalities and practices best suited to you, we present the people behind the practices, and reveal their philosophies on healing.

You’ll find a wealth of information to help maintain balance and good health for all ages – from adolescence to your senior years. These professionals address a wide variety of issues and ailments. They offer integrative and natural approaches for balancing hormones, fertility, sleep, sexual, and mood disorders, weight management, puberty, acne, menstruation, pregnancy, ADD/ADHD, hot flashes, metabolic syndrome, and more. When working with a natural and integrative practitioner you will find they take the time to develop an individualized treatment plan. Depending on your health goals your plan could include Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Acupuncture, Custom Herbal Protocols, IV Therapy, First Line Therapy, Nutrition, Testing, Detoxification, and so much more.

As you read about each physician and practitioner, you’ll be inspired by the availability of natural therapies and the breadth of knowledge they have to share. Enjoy getting to know these leaders in health care who are known for making a difference in the health of our community.

Click on the Physician or Practitioner name to learn more.

Peter Holyk, MD, CNS


Melissa Dean, MD


Rebecca Hunton, MD


Chelsey Croskey, A.P


Dr. Jennifer Southard 


Joanna Helms, RH


 Jennifer Lyn Nafe, A.P.


 Cecelia Avitabile, RH



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