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IV Therapy: Is It Right For You?

Apr 25, 2011 02:47PM ● By Rebecca Hunton, M.D.

In today’s society, we’ve been taught to take a pill for everything. Often it is a pharmaceutical agent, but more and more people are turning to natural medicine and nutritional supplements instead. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t getting the results we should. Call it leaky gut or intestinal permeability, our guts just aren’t functioning the way they were designed.

For those that are taking far too many medications, it could be interfering with the acid and bacteria balances we need in our stomachs for optimum health. In addition, many prescription medications interfere with our cell’s natural ability to absorb nutrients. As a result, while treating one issue, could actually be sabotaging your body’s efforts to gain the nutrition you need from your food.

IV Nutrition is a safe way to address a wide variety of micronutrient deficiencies, and a much more effective method to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients into our bloodstream. Micronutrient deficiencies can result in a number of physiologic symptoms, including (but not limited to) chronic fatigue, unexplained tremors and twitches, hair loss and brittle nails. IV Nutrition may be a preferred option for patients experiencing such symptoms. There are a number of more serious illnesses that can also be effectively treated through IV Therapy, including Parkinson’s Disease, Herpes and Hepatitis.

Another interesting factoid – IV Therapy can be quite effective in reducing wound infection, bruising and swelling prior to surgery and greatly increasing healing times following surgery. There are several different types of IV Therapy, and it is important to become educated on the options available to you. Here are a few of the more common IV therapies available:

1. The “Myer’s Cocktail” – a 10 to 20-minute in-office procedure that administers therapeutic doses of multiple nutrients, combined to meet your specific needs. The cocktail commonly incorporates B and C vitamins and Magnesium as a foundation.

2. Glutathione – This therapy can benefit anyone, although it is well known for its remarkable effects on the brain – most notably in Parkinson’s patients, who have shown significant improvement in arm ambulation and overall bodily movement within only 15 minutes of receiving Glutathione therapy.

3. Phosphatidyl Choline (PPC) – PPC is found in Lecithin and plays a critical role in helping cells ingest and expel critical nutrients. It is also a wonderful antioxidant for your brain!

4. Vitamin C – The viral superhero. It is a proven fact that Vitamin C administered through IV Therapy is absorbed MUCH more effectively in the body than through oral doses. It is impossible to get similar concentrations of this crucial vitamin through oral methods. In addition to fighting everyday viral infections, Vitamin C is also commonly used in the days prior to and following chemotherapy for cancer patients.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide – No, not the bottle in your home medicine cabinet. The quality of Hydrogen Peroxide administered through IV Therapy has shown significant results in combating frequent Herpes outbreaks, and also serves as an extremely effective antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasitic agent.

6. Glycyrrhizin – A derivative of licorice, Glycyrrhizin has been used for years in Japan to normalize enzymes in patients at high risk of developing liver cancer. It is also effective in treating patients with Hepatitis C, HIV, Herpes and Shingles.

IV Therapies work for a simple reason. They provide a much more direct way to get higher concentrations of nutrients into the bloodstream and tissues.

IV Nutrition is not a cure for everyone and everything. It is also not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. But IV Therapy can be an extremely effective tool in optimizing your health.

As with any medical treatment, know your options and empower yourself through education. YOU are the best person to take charge of ensuring you live a long, active life.

Dr. Rebecca Hunton is the owner of Wellspring Medical Center in Melbourne. For more information about IV Therapy, or to schedule a consultation, call 321-254-6816.