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Full of Joy

Apr 14, 2011 07:15PM

Food – it can be your joy or your guilt. From which emotion are you eating? Is your desire to loose weight, feel fit, be healthy or just feel good? If so, you must become a match to your desire. The law of attraction says, "Whatever you focus on, you attract." If you are holding thoughts about your body and the food you eat, that do not feel good, then you will be a match for that experience.

When you eat from emotions of depression, despair, guilt, anger, worry, disappointment, frustration, or stress, you are not letting in your desire. You must first find thoughts that help you feel good about your body, health, and weight regardless of your current status. Then when you eat, you will be eating from emotions of happiness, enthusiasm, eagerness, appreciation and joy! Now you are letting in your desire.

How do you feel better about yourself when you really don't feel good? Start thinking and reaching for better feeling and thoughts. Better feelings and thoughts will produce better feelings inside of you shifting your vibration to become a match with your desire. Then when you are finished with your next meal, instead of feeling miserable and guilty, you will be “full of joy!”

Leslie Bishop, of Empowering Pathways, Universal Laws Life Coaching, is a Certified Empowerment Coach. If you are interested in personal or group coaching please contact Leslie at 321-768-1028 or email her at [email protected]

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