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Herbs & More – Don’t Leave Home without Them

Apr 14, 2011 07:18PM

When traveling overseas you are introduced to different flora, fungi, various organisms and bacteria. Ingesting strange air, water and food challenges the body’s immune system. The digestive system is especially vulnerable and the elimination system has to work overtime to deal with new bacteria.

Taking helpful herbs is like calling in reinforcements for internal assistance. In addition to their defense properties, some herbs and some nutritional supplements can strengthen and nourish the body in general to help keep up energy and stamina. If you are traveling or want to help someone who is overseas consider putting together an “arsenal” of herbs and foods that can help keep the gut, as well as the rest of the body, healthy.

Olive Leaf & Wild Oregano

Both olive leaf extract and wild oregano have been found to have anti-viral, anti bacterial and even anti-fungal properties. They assist digestion and create an internal environment that will not be prone to host unfriendly bacterial growth.


“Mother’s first milk” is fantastic for the immune system. It has been shown to promote growth and repairs cells, aid in healing wounds, protect against bacterial and fungal infections, and help with immune issues, allergies, fatigue and digestive problems.

Barley Greens

Almost a complete food in itself, it contains a balance of amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins in a form you could live on if you didn’t have food to eat.


Siberian, American, or Panax can fortify the body for stress demands, increase stamina, and uplift depression, especially when due to debility and exhaustion.


This “friendly” bacteria normally lives throughout the entire digestive track. It is considered friendly because it produces B vitamins essential for optimal nerve function, (anti stress) oxygen transport (energy) and also produces Vitamin K (proper blood clotting and tissue repair). Replenishing this may avoid bowel troubles and keep the colon in top shape.

Joyce Ott is a Natural Health Consultant at The Health Station. For more information call 321-773-5678.

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