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The Healing Journey

Apr 14, 2011 10:45AM ● By Karen Stresau

Whether we’re in the process of inner or outer healing, our healing journey offers us an opportunity to move into awareness of a deeper reality. We can use our journey to uncover the ways we disconnect from our higher self, and take an honest look at what our truth really is.

While it is easy to acknowledge our positive traits, it is important to remember that we all inevitably fall short when it comes to being perfect. We may be pleasant and easy going most of the time, but we might also be easily frustrated or quick tempered. We need to learn to focus on all of our parts – including those we find less desirable. Actually, the aspects of our personality that we don’t like to admit are there are the ones we most need to look at. These are the parts that grow larger the more we try to ignore them or hide them from others, and these shadow selves are constantly creating our reality whether we realize it or not.

Initially, being honest with ourselves can seem pretty scary. We’re afraid to take a closer look within because some of our feelings seem so overwhelming. We may even be anxious about our own goodness or scared to know what real pleasure or fulfillment feels like. In spite of what we say, we may believe deep down inside that we don’t deserve happiness or abundance. We must learn to be truthful with ourselves, and to do that we need to witness what we’re feeling from a place of detachment. From here we can accept these hidden parts of ourselves with compassion.

In addition to developing our capacity to witness, we must learn a few more tools to help us on our journey. We need to acquire curiosity about what we see in order for us to move deeper into the inner terrain without losing our detachment. This curiosity will help us become aware of the inner dialogue that tells us that parts of ourselves are “good” or “bad”. This is important because once we label our experience, we are no longer detached. We will replace the harsh inner judge with a curious asker. When we invoke this asker we simply inquire, “What is this I am feeling?” or “Which part of me is this?” Instead of denying any part of ourselves, we can relax and allow for all of our shadows to come forth.

The next skill we will use is the capacity to experience what is happening in the present moment. The asker leads us to what is happening now, but the ability to slow down and experience it must also be cultivated. Eventually, we learn to relax into the flow of life, and here we find an inner strength of which we were previously unaware.

We can reconnect with our higher selves by practicing these skills on a regular basis. Every time we choose to detach from the drama, honestly ask ourselves what is happening and focus on the present, we’re realigning with our truth and that’s what healing is all about.

Karen Stresau is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and a Lomi Lomi massage therapist. Her office is located at 320 Fourth Ave., Indialantic. To learn more about Brennan Healing or to schedule an appointment, call Karen at 321-543-8587, by email at [email protected] or visit

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