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Chinese Food Therapy

Apr 14, 2011 06:29PM ● By Jessica Pesha

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a form of healing that has been practiced for more than 2,000 years. Although this field is used as a treatment modality, it also provides prevention of disease and illness with the use of Chinese Food Therapy.

Chinese Food Therapy applies traditional healing properties of different foods to resolve disharmonies within the body. These healing properties govern how specific foods affect the digestive system. This can be determined by examining the following properties:

Flavor. Most foods fall under one of the five flavors, "sweet," "salty,"

"sour," "pungent," or "bitter." Each flavor determines the direction of Qi, or energy in the body. A radish for example, is pungent which directs the energy up and out of the body, making this a good healing food for chronic sinus issues.

Thermal nature. Foods are often resorted to based on how they effect the thermal dynamics of the body. A food can be "hot," "cold," "cooling," "warming," or "neutral." Ginger is a very popular digestive aid known for its warming, soothing effect for an upset stomach.

Organ Systems. Each food source benefits a specific organ system. Oatmeal nourishes the spleen and stomach, while sweet potatoes strengthen the kidney energy.

.Individual Properties. Some foods have unique medicinal properties. For example, the use of pomegranate to heal mouth ulcers, or chewing raw cloves to alleviate a tooth-ache.

Seasonal changes. Certain foods assist the body with adjusting to the change of the seasons. More cooling foods, such as watermelon or cucumber are used in the summer to help the body accept the heat. However, in the winter months lamb and garlic aid in warming the digestion.

For more information on how Chinese Food Therapy and Acupuncture can promote optimal wellness, call 772-564-8383 for a free consultation. Indian River Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine in located at 2050 40th Avenue, Suite 2 in Vero Beach.

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