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Making the Law of Attraction Work

Apr 14, 2011 06:20PM ● By Dr. David Che

Check your local bookstore, browse the internet, and examine the books that were written about the Law of Attraction from the last 100 years and you’ll find the conclusions are all the same; Thoughts become things. So, if everyone thinks positive thoughts all the time, more positive things should flow into their lives. But does it really? With so many books out there teaching positive thinking, why do many people who have read them never seem to improve their life circumstances?

The commonly overlooked key to manifesting your thoughts is emotion. Emotion is the real force which attracts things to us and our circumstances. To understand how emotion works think of thought as masculine, while emotion is feminine. In nature, it takes both the male and female to produce offspring. It is the same with the Law of Attraction. Having positive thoughts is a good thing, but without any strong emotion behind it, those thoughts cannot become anything. For a thought to truly manifest into reality, there must be strong emotion associated with that thought.

When we look at the word emotion, it is e--motion or energy in motion. That is one of the key secrets behind the law of attraction which is rarely taught. In 1910, Wallace Wattles released his famous book "The Science of Getting Rich" which started the popular 'thoughts become things' teachings. One hundred years later, it is time to add a new concept which has long been overlooked – there must be emotions associated with thought for it to manifest into reality.

Dr. David Che is the author of “Total Law of Attraction” and a dentist in Cocoa Beach. For more information visit www.TotalLawofAttraction .com. His book is available on or

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