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A Brennan Healer’s View of the Chakra System

Apr 14, 2011 05:49PM

Brennan Healing was developed by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan a world-renowned healer, teacher and former NASA physicist who has been researching the Human Energy Field (aura) for more than 30 years. She is the best-selling author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging, which are considered classics in the field of complementary medicine. This holistic work, which is only taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, combines hands-on energy healing techniques with psycho-spiritual processing to assist individuals with their personal process of healing.

The focus throughout the four-year course of study in Brennan Healing is on the first seven levels of the Human Energy Field. Each level penetrates through the body and extends outward from it, with each successive layer consisting of a higher vibration. The odd-numbered levels are structured fields of sparkling lines of light, and the even-numbered levels are filled with a fluid-like substance. Each level of the aura is associated with a different chakra; the first level is associated with the first chakra, the second level with the second chakra, etc.

Brennan Healers primarily focus on the seven major chakras which are distributed from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakras take in energy, also known as ch’i or prana, and transport it along the lines of light on the structured levels. (These lines of light are commonly referred to as meridians in acupuncture.) Chakras pull this energy into the body from the Universal Energy Field which surrounds us, through small vortices. Each chakra has a different number of vortices ranging from four in the first or root chakra to 972 in the seventh or crown chakra.

Each chakra is associated with a different gland and area of the body. For instance, the third chakra supplies energy to our stomach, liver, gall bladder, nervous system and pancreas. All of our body systems depend on this energy exchange to maintain good health. In fact, the more freely energy can flow through our chakras, the healthier we are. This is why the chakras become important focal points for balancing the energy system.

Chakras can become dysfunctional in many ways, but most often they become disfigured or clogged due to physical or emotional trauma or even invasive medical procedures. The vortices can also become sprung or they can become unseated from the vertical power current which connects all the chakras and distributes energy throughout the body. Using high sense perception, Brennan Healers are able to perceive and correct these imbalances by repairing or restructuring the chakra.

Analyzing chakras and energy blocks is only the first step in healing. Once clients are able to maintain a healthy energy flow, Brennan Healers can begin to focus on the psychodynamics of the imbalances in their client’s field. The goal is to support clients in their unique personal healing process, as well as teaching them how to maintain their own chakras and energy system.

Karen is a graduate of the Brennan School of Healing and a Lomi Lomi massage therapist. Her office is located at 320 Fourth Ave., Indialantic. To learn more about Brennan Healing or to schedule an appointment, call Karen Stresau at 321-543-8587, by email [email protected], or online at .

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