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Unbounded Abundance

Apr 14, 2011 06:27PM ● By By Kasey Claytor

How can you increase your abundance? What is meant by abundance anyway? I define Aabundance ias living an inspired life full of wellbeing, with a sense of purpose, and of course, the freedom prosperity brings. The secret to getting there is really a matter of revealing your own gifts, wisdom, and power. Having Unbounded Abundance means you’ve attained a sense of freedom -and you live life trusting your own inner guidance system instead of society’s. By moving in this direction you can rise to the highest version of who you were truly meant to be.

Here are some key steps to begin having the life you desire:

Eliminate the Obstacles. Comb through your life and find those things, thoughts, and ideas that are limiting you. Begin with your physical environment, tossing out the old, worn out, unattractive clutter. Remove wasteful spending and harmful habits. This will help clear your mind. Begin watching what you think, notice those negative beliefs and challenge them, and then watch for inspiring ideas.! They most surely will come.

Find Out What Makes You Strong. Notice what activities, ideas and work give you energy and what makes you weak. Keep a diary for a week. Increase those things that make you strong. This will increase your power, your creativity, your problem solving, and your contentment. This idea is from author and Fortune 500 Coach, Marcus Buckingham.

Find Mentors, Role Models, Coaches and Archetypes. Always be on the lookout for those who are doing what you want to do; how you want to do it and how you’d like to be. They can be people you know, famous, historical figures, fictional, superheroes, or classic archetypes. Anyone that inspires you. As you make your plans and goals hold these role models and archetypes in mind; allow their persona to infiltrate your being. Psychological exercises prove this actually changes your brain chemistry, which can change your performance.

After You Make a Decision, Commit. It is as if the Earth and stars shift once a firm commitment is made. Before that you are just throwing around ideas; once committed, everything changes. Magic happens.

Kasey Claytor is a , Coach, Financial Advisor, and Meditation Instructor. She will be presenting Unbounded Abundance at the Healthy Living Expo on Saturday, May 1st. See expo supplement starting on page 51 for details.

For more information contact The Phoenix Center for Prosperity and Wellbeing at 321-383-4005 or visit

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