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Advice and Tips

Apr 13, 2011 12:10PM

Breathe Deep

Incorporate Diaphragmatic breathing into your morning and evening routine to develop the habit of taking even just 1 or 2 deep breaths every hour. This will help in keeping the stressor hormones in check and your technique will be ready to go in the moment of acute stress. You will not only handle the moment better but also minimize physiological damage.

Receive a 15% discount in March on the Metabolic Makeover: where nutrition and exercise join forces at The Club @ Spine & Sport Institute. 1345 36th St., Vero Beach. 772-978-5770.

Detox and Re-energize

Chemicals are everywhere – air, food, water, soil, dust and everyday products. Over time, a buildup of toxins in your body can make you feel bad. While you may have limited control over your environment, you have a great deal of control over your own body. Remove toxins from your body safely by joining a metabolic detoxification program.

Special pricing for Detoxification Kits at Wellspring Medical Center. Rebecca Hunton, MD, 21 Suntree Place, Melbourne. 321-254-6816.

Relieve Stress with Lemongrass

Did you know that lemongrass could help to relieve stress and insomnia? Create a refreshing, relaxing bath by mixing sea salts with lemongrass. Run your bath as usual and place one cup of sea salts with two lemongrass tea bags in the running water. Sit back and enjoy!

Get 10% off when ordering any of Itiba’s products by mentioning Natural Awakenings. Itiba, LLC, PO Box 2567, Kingshill, VI 00851. 1-888-551-5775

Eat Fresh Local Citrus to Boost Immunity

Now is a great time to increase your consumption of fresh citrus fruits as a natural way to protect yourself during flu season. All citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. One medium-sized orange delivers 130% of the daily value for Vitamin C and provides 250 mg of potassium.

Try our new Winter Immune Citrus Salad with oranges, tangerines, pineapple, apples, and dried cranberries from Jaspers Foods, always gluten-free. Delivery available serving Brevard County. 321-543-2156. [email protected]

Xylitol for your Sweet Tooth

Weight gain, insulin resistance, gum disease and tooth caries are just a few of the many problems resulting from our passionate affair with sugar. Xylitol (an alternative sweetener) reverses all the destructive effects of sugar on oral health. A regular program of Xylitol can change the oral ecology in the mouth, raise the Ph and have numerous health benefits.

Find out the many ways xylitol can improve your health at Smile Design Center, located in Viera. 321-751-7775.

Cleanse with Water

The average American carries 15 pounds of undigested food in their intestines. This sticky mass slows digestion and the body cannot properly eliminate toxins. These toxins promote wrinkles, low energy, and incite the onset of disease. Drink half your body’s weight (pounds to ounces) in water every day to help your body cleanse.

50% off third colon irrigation treatment with purchase of 2 through February at Health Connections, 320 Fourth Ave., Indialantic. 321-725-8347.

Heartmath Technique for a Calmer You

Calm the mind and get energized using “Quick Coherence” technique:
1) Focus your attention on your heart.
2) Breathe deeply, feeling the breath move in and out the heart area.
3) Maintain focus and breathing while activating a positive feeling.

This technique balances heart rhythms and creates mental clarity by reducing stress hormones.

Get energized naturally. See the website coupon for CARE Chiropractic & Wellness Center, 1938 Dairy Road, W Melbourne. 321-728-1387.

Mood-Boosting Brain Foods

Omega-3, Magnesium, Tryptophan, Folic Acid, and Vitamins C and E are important nutrients in feel-good foods. Fish, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seed oil are especially high in the Omega-3s. Boost your spirits, increase your happiness, reduce your anxiety, and eliminate depression by eating more of these foods.

Try the Walnut Pesto Burger to get your Omega-3s at Jasper's Foods – Always Gluten-free. This month’s special 12/3 oz. burgers for $20 Serving Brevard County. Delivery available. [email protected]

Keep your Higher Purpose in your Awareness

Remembering your purpose brings mindfulness to your life and makes it easier to stay calm under pressure. Every time the phone rings, take a deep breath and silently repeat your purpose. To go deeper, sit with a stress management coach and dissolve your stressors with centering, emotional healing and relaxation.

30% off Stress consultations for NA readers: Just $50 after discount. Short Relaxation Audio offered. Dr. Anne-Marie Derouault. 321-431-5054.

Is this Stress Mine?

We are like amazing radio receivers, picking up information from all over the place. Most people can perceive information from 8 miles up to 8,000 miles away. Meaning about 98% of all thoughts, feelings and emotions are not yours! When you feel stressed, anxious, or worried, ask, "Is this mine?" If the feeling lightens up, even for a second, it is not yours, so just return it to the sender…like Elvis sings.

Enhance intuitive awareness through phone consultations, teleconferences, and magic stones. 415-871-4236.

Enhance Your Financial Wellbeing

Is your financial life preventing your wellbeing? Write down all your income and feel appreciation for it. Then think about where you are spending money that is moving you away from your wellbeing; bad habits, time wasters, unhealthy foods. This is a great start!

Find out where you are on The Map of Money Consciousness™ at Call for a free 30-minute consultation at Osprey Wealth Coaching, 918 South Washington Ave, Titusville. 321-383-4005, toll free 877-650-3796.

Meditation in Motion

Relaxation, exercise and meditation are all part of being healthy inside and out. Tai Chi combines these into one practice. By learning to relax, breathe and quiet your mind while you are in motion you gain the ability to relax and recharge throughout your day.

Tai Chi Heart now offering on-going classes in the park, $5 per class. 321-984-9332.

Stress Busters

If you don’t have the physical, mental and emotional energy you desire, then you are experiencing stress. Get the body and the brain communicating by balancing your blood sugar.

1. Eliminate sugar, white flour products & alcohol.

2. Eat 4-5 small meals per day.

3. Eat high fiber foods: legumes, whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables.

Specializing in natural hormone programs, personalized nutrition, unique testing and products. $50 OFF initial phone consultation with Dr. Laura Thompson at the Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition. 800-608-5602.

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