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A Brennan Healer Reflects on the Usefulness of Character Structure

Apr 13, 2011 05:53PM ● By Beth Lambdin

While creating Brennan Healing Science (BHS), a comprehensive system of energy healing, Dr. Barbara Brennan, renowned healer, visionary, clairvoyant and NASA-trained physicist, drew on the ancient model of the Sanskrit chakra system and the modern model of Character Structure developed by Drs. Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos. Working with Dr. Pierrakos, Brennan added her own unique energetic interpretations to the study and application of Character Structure.

What exactly is Character Structure? Why is it one of the foundational pieces of Brennan Healing Science? And, most importantly, how do Brennan Healers use Character Structure to help their clients?

Character Structure is a term that BHS practitioners and other body-mind professionals use to describe certain physical and psychological “types” that result from energetic imbalances, blocks and patterns of chronic holding. This is a developmental model that suggests that childhood experiences, illnesses, traumas, accidents, and the slings and arrows of modern life have an effect, showing up visibly in the physical body and invisibly, but no less present, in the energetic system, influencing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Energetic blocks, which Brennan Healers are specifically trained to address, may take physical form, (such as back pain or thyroid imbalances), or manifest as emotional distress (depression and anxiety commonly), distorted beliefs, or a disconnection from spiritual sustenance.

There are five main character subtypes or structures: the Creative, Lover, Endurer, Challenger-Defender and Achiever (these are the less clinical labels used by psychologist and healer, Anodea Judith, Ph.D.), with corresponding challenges revolving around the five main issues of: existence, abandonment, control, betrayal, and being one’s authentic self. While clients may identify primarily with one specific subtype, they are often a unique and fascinating mix of several types.

Brennan Healers carefully look at and listen to their clients noting such things as: posture, ease of movement, breathing, head position, muscular tone (or lack thereof), where the energy is dominant or missing, the timbre and intensity of verbal expression, and the quality of eye contact. These physical expressions provide valuable insight about a client’s type and are helpful clues about what may be interfering with balance, good health and nurturing relationships.

Unfortunately, ingrained blockages and patterns of holding are often locked beyond clients’ conscious awareness, where they exert powerful (usually negative) influence over their health and well-being. Fortunately, Character Structure provides a compassionate way to venture into these unknown territories and to find the treasures buried under years of defense.

For over thirty years, Brennan Healers have helped their clients unlock years of stuckness and flourish in their lives – and to restore what Dr. Reich intended: “a flow of streaming energy within the body.”

Beth, Brevard’s only Brennan Integration Practitioner, has completed six years of specialized training at the Brennan School of Healing. She is in private practice at the Cocoa Beach Wellness Center, 236 N. Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, where she offers Brennan Healing Science sessions and integrated-energy massage therapy.

To learn more about Character Structure, come to Beth’s workshop, “Please Understand Me: What Character Structure Can Tell Us About Our Health and Relationships,” on Sunday, January 30th, from 12:30pm to 4pm at the Cocoa Beach Wellness Center, 236 N. Atlantic Avenue. The fee is $35 for early registration, $40 at the door space permitting. To register, learn more about Brennan Healing Science, or to schedule an appointment, contact Beth at 321-298-2743, [email protected] or online at

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