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Summertime Strategies for ADHD Children

Apr 11, 2011 10:38PM

Summer brings a change in schedule and routine for many families. For those families that have a child with ADHD it can bring additional challenges. It is important to support a child with ADHD so that he or she experiences summer with the same joy as other children do. Here are some tips for summertime survival.

  • Avoid situations that are difficult for your child.
  • Take breaks from each other but choose caregivers wisely.
  • Plan for success- Provide incentives and rewards for meeting expectations and accomplishing preset goals.
  • Encourage any type of exercise- 20 minutes of any aerobic activity increases levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine.
  • Try amino acid supplements. Professionally formulated amino acids formulas can stimulate the production of the same neurotransmitters/brain chemicals that stimulant medication does. Seek a professional trained in neurotransmitter balancing for advice.

If you have a successful summer without medication, consider trying school the next year on supplements rather than medication. The change in teachers could make enough difference to get by without medication.

Teachers often initiate ADHD referrals leading to diagnosis. While teachers can be adept at recognizing possible ADHD, they are frequently unaware of current research on ADHD symptoms and the side effects of treatment. Keeping in mind that a teacher’s job is to educate consider these statistics: up to 94% of educators have inaccurate perceptions of the effect of medication on long term academic performance, 73% do not know that even on medication a student with ADHD will have abnormal behavior, 62% are not aware of the side effects. If that is true of professionals who work with ADHD kids, then it stands to reason it applies to the general public as well. When seeking medical advice about your child, be sure to consult your healthcare professional.

Holly Fales offers many educational solutions and interventions for special needs and regular students at the Success Project of Brevard. She has a master’s degree in counseling and holds several certifications for educational & cognitive intervention and testing. To find out more information call 321-751-1313, visit or come to the Success Project on 674 N Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL.

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