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Are You Playing the Game of Pick up Sticks?

Apr 11, 2011 10:44PM

Are you facing, gone through or living with an illness of any kind? If so and you are feeling depressed, powerless and fearful it makes perfect sense for you to feel that way. When you are depressed or fearful you are not in a vibration range of being able to feel positive about anything. Congratulations, you are normal!

Are you feeling anger or rage yet? What about worried or overwhelmed? Feeling these emotions is a step in the right direction. How important is it for you to feel good? Do you keep picking up the stick of “fear” and hanging on to it? How would you like to pick up the stick of “positive expectation,” instead? It really can be a game of pick up sticks.

Learning to become aware of your emotions and how you are feeling can lead you to eventually keep a hold on the stick of positive expectation. When you hold on to the stick of “fear” you are embracing something you do not want and your life experience will be a reflection of that. When you can pick up and hold on to the stick of “positive expectation,” you will be embracing something you do want and desire and your life experience will like wise be a reflection of that.

Leslie Bishop of Empowering Pathways is a Certified Empowerment Coach. She will be holding an 8-week workshop in August to learn how to move from depression/fear to positive expectation. Workshop will be held at Inner Journeys, 3134 Lake Washington Rd. Melbourne. Space is limited. Call 321-768-1028 or email Lbsands(at) for more information.