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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Essential Oils in History

Apr 11, 2011 10:32PM

Aromatherapy uses the divine powers of pure essential oils and blends from all the great societies throughout history. Human exploration has exposed the hundreds of botanicals from around the world that are available for our use. Many of these botanicals are grown and utilized in other parts of the world as well. Here are some examples of botanicals in the form of oils, resins and herbs used for long periods historically and well known in times of old from various parts of the world.

  • Frankincense from Arabia and Africa
  • Myrrh from North Africa
  • Sage from the American Indian
  • Lavender from the French highlands
  • Patchouli from India
  • Neroli from Spain
  • Hyssop, used in Coptic medicines, also mentioned in the Bible
  • Ginger from the South Pacific
  • Sandalwood from Mysore an area in India
  • Clove from China
  • Rose from Bulgaria
  • Many misunderstand these time-tested medicinal healing agents to be only New Age or unusual, yet these and many more botanicals have been successfully used in many forms and for many purposes for thousands of years. Archeological digs, historical documentation and religious literature all support the historic time-tested use of botanicals for medicinal, aromatic, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Doreen DeSerres imports, creates and private labels her own distinctive line of aromatherapy products, using only the finest organic or wildcrafted, steam distilled, undiluted, unfractionated essential and base oils. Workshops are held regularly and can be scheduled privately. Nature's Spirit can be found at 415 Delannoy Ave., in Cocoa Village, FL. Call 321-632-1221 for more information.

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