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Weight Loss is Easy...If You Can Imagine!

Apr 11, 2011 04:32PM ● By Patricia V. Scott, C.Ht.

Ask most Americans what it would take for them to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, and they will probably answer correctly: “Eat healthier, smaller portions, and exercise regularly.” Many could even tell you what “healthy” foods should be included. So, what is the problem? Americans spend millions of dollars every year on diet pills, foods, shots, books, and weight-loss programs of every kind. You only have to take a walk through a mall to see the sad results.

The nexus between where we are and where we want to be lies deep within the mind. To accept this concept, however, you must take personal responsibility for your current state. Think about it – if it’s “not your fault”, like the TV ads say, then you have no power to change it. With very few exceptions, overweight is a behavioral problem. Why do we look “outside” for answers to problems that begin on the “inside”? When we get a pain or ache, we cover up the symptom with a pill or ointment, ignore the signal, and allow the behavior or habit that initiated the cry for help to continue, unchecked. Then, a few weeks, months, or maybe years later, we manifest bigger symptoms that require something stronger, again from the “outside”. The initial cause of the problem remains, unchecked, to fester inside of us.

The instant you decide to use the magnificent natural resources inside of your mind and body, amazing things begin to happen; you get in touch with your life-essence. My Ph.D. dissertation titled, “Mind-Body Cohesion System for Goal Achievement, with special emphasis on weight/diet issues” utilized these techniques:
Relaxation, Hypnosis, Post-Hypnotic Suggestions, Visualization, Breathing, Psycho-Neuro Regeneration (PNR), Self-Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Pivotal Response Conditioning (PRC)

I conducted four research studies, each six weeks in length, with groups of 5 to 18 adult women. Out of 44 women participants, the 26 who had weight-loss goals averaged 6.5 pounds lost during the six-weeks. Only one person achieved no weight-loss and the highest number of pounds lost was 12. Even more exciting were the unexpected results of the study. Participants reported improved sleep, relief from headaches, arthritis, allergies and asthma, improved skin conditions, increased creativity, confidence, feeling more centered and self-aware, increased concentration, enhanced intuitive and psychic abilities, and a sense of calm. One woman used the techniques, with no special training, to prepare for surgery to have a pacemaker implanted. She never missed a session and was so proud that she had impressed her doctor with her positive, peaceful attitude and rapid recovery.

We were given the gift of a miraculous MIND. I believe we have a responsibility to evolve and develop our higher faculties in enlightened ways that make the world a better place for us, our loved ones, and all mankind. Quantum physics explains how the energy-power of thought affects all of the cells of the body. A major shift is happening in medicine today, with doctors giving patients more responsibility and information, and patients seeking out natural alternative means of therapy. Johns Hopkins Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports 30-70% of patients with cancer or chronic conditions seek out natural alternative therapies. JAMA (Jan. 2000) reported; “50% of physicians report a willingness to refer patients for complementary therapies.” Many enlightened hypnotherapists and health professionals are dedicated to utilizing all of the scientific and medical resources as well as the patient’s own natural resources to accomplish life and health goals. I’m currently collaborating with Kathy Doner, M.D. (Board Certified in Internal Medicine), in Sebastian, FL, who uses hypnotherapy to assist her patients with weight-loss and other conditions. Dr. E. Anne Ouellette, renowned hand surgeon at one of South Florida’s largest hospitals, Jackson Memorial, uses hypnosis instead of anesthesia for hand surgery as standard practice. Many hospitals now offer hypnosis programs for weight-loss and smoking cessation.
If you are having problems controlling your weight/diet, take responsibility for finding an experienced, qualified professional who can help you tap into your natural mind-power to reach your goals in a healthy manner. If you imagine (image-in) your goals, your body has no choice but to follow.

Patricia V. Scott is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (since 1992), and President of Unlimited Possibilities Hypnosis, Inc. in Palm Harbor, FL. She can be reached by email at [email protected] or by calling 727-943-5003. For a list of organizations/resources, visit Kathy Doner, MD is located in Sebastian and can be reached at 772-581-3221. Visit her website