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Is My HOUSE Making Me FAT?

Apr 11, 2011 10:02PM

We’ve heard so much about poor indoor air quality and its impact on our health but could these same chemicals be making us fat? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I eating less and still gaining weight?”

We now know that indoor air can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air even in the largest and most industrialized cities, says Jill L. Price of HealthLink. “Since people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors it is important to have the best indoor air quality.” And that means making a conscious effort to get the chemicals out of our homes, or at the very least, minimize the amounts.

Today, research proves that these same pollutants that are making us sick are also prohibiting our bodies’ natural ability to slim itself. According to Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton, an expert on human metabolism, one of the major contributing factors to the skyrocketing numbers of people who are overweight, is environmental contamination. If one were to chart the dramatic increase in the amounts and combinations of chemicals we use from the 1950’s to today, the graph would directly correlate with the weight gain.

Different synthetic chemicals affect our metabolism in one or more ways. First, they appear to damage the appetite “switch,” so that we eat more food than we generally need. Second, they reduce the amount of food our body needs by damaging its ability to burn off food, thereby making the food we eat go further. Lastly, these chemicals seemingly prevent the body from burning up existing fat stores. So, in effect many synthetic chemicals (or toxins) possess the potential to poison critical parts of our weight control system, effectively “putting it out of action,” says Dr. Baillie-Hamilton.

As consumers, if we are informed about the different harmful chemicals and their sources, we can begin to make changes in our buying habits. We can clean up our food, water and air so that we can, in many cases, totally eliminate or at the very least, minimize the amounts of these damaging toxins.

Jill Price works with her parents, Dr. John Price and Janet running JPrice HealthLink, LLC which has locations in New York, Ohio and Florida. Ms. Price is available for private consultations regarding Weight Loss and how to detoxify the home. She is also a public speaker for many organizations. She may be reached at 800-508-5009 or [email protected]

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