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Healing Sounds of Qi-gong

Apr 11, 2011 12:44AM

Did you know the sigh is a healing sound? Do you realize you usually make that sound when you are feeling overwhelmed and intuitively you seek to release emotional stagnation and stress and induce release and relaxation? Sounds have been used for a variety of purposes for a millennia. Mankind has used sounds to create or affect different mental states. For different forms of emotional expression we have used sounds for a variety of reasons among them empowerment and worship, wonder and sadness, pleasure and pain, anger and healing.

The six basic healing sounds used in traditional qi-gong are associated with what the Chinese call the five yin and five yang organs. The yin organs are the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and spleen. The yang organs are the stomach, large and small intestine, gall bladder and urinary bladder. The sounds all affect the sympathetic and Para-sympathetic nervous systems to some degree. According to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, the emotions are stored as tone resonances in the different chambers of the five yin organs. As a result, specific situations will release different emotional sounds.

Under the guidance of a certified instructor sounds are used to vibrate the organs and dispel the concentrations of "old emotions"; old grief in the lungs, past anxiety in the heart, old fears in the kidneys, old worries in the spleen and anger in the liver. In some cases these emotions are stored in the cavities around the various organs. If left alone these emotions over time gradually solidify and poison the body/mind and create various chronic health challenges.

After regular use of the toning therapy with the sounds, the cavities of these particular channels will be purged and cleansed of stagnant or pathogenic Qi (life-force). The use of these sounds has been documented for over a thousand years proving its effectiveness for emotional purging and as an effective healthcare exercise. Sound healing was synthesized at a time when there was no form of psychiatric intervention. This form of therapeutic qi-gong therapy should never replace modern counseling techniques but should complement them.

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