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The 5 Criteria of Good Health

Modern medicine is very detailed in its knowledge of human physiology and pathology. Nevertheless, the state of good health has yet to be defined. Just as Einstein’s most famous equation (e=mc2) appears very simple, these criteria seem deceptively simple. However, they are based on profound theory. Einstein’s famous equation began as a complex theory, which was then greatly simplified to the immortalized equation. The same holds true for these five criteria.

  1. Normal Appetite – Feeling hungry at mealtimes; being able to taste and smell the food, consuming the proper amount of food.
  2. Bowel Movements – Once per day in the morning (or more); stools should be firm and long, brown in color; feeling of having adequately emptied the bowels is necessary.
  3. Proper Urination – Five to seven times daily (less if one is working strenuously). The color should be pale yellow and an adequate amount of urine and force to expel the urine is necessary.
  4. Proper Sleep Pattern – The ability to sleep through the night without waking up and feeling adequately rested upon arising.
  5. Cool Face, Warm Limbs – Face should feel comfortable cool, not hot. Back of the hands and feet should feel cool, while palms and soles feel warm.

Dr. Bo-Shih Ni is a licensed acupuncture physician who has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for 25 years. His practice, Brevard Acupuncture, is located in Melbourne. For information and appointments call 321-757-9821