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Hope for Infertility with Chinese Medicine

Apr 11, 2011 12:38AM

For many couples, the birth of a child represents the pinnacle of their relationship and the fulfillment of their marriage. If you are facing infertility, however, it often remains an elusive and unfulfilled dream, even after years of heartbreaking attempts and the best treatment modern medicine has to offer. More and more of couples are now discovering that Chinese medicine can often offer hope even when other treatments have failed.

Chinese medicine recognizes disharmonies that can affect both male and female fertility, so if there is any doubt about the fertility of either partner, both should be treated. Treatment may include herbs, acupuncture, or both. If acupuncture is part of your treatment plan, treatment will typically be at least once a week for several months or until conception occurs. For women, the acupoints treated and herbs used are often different during each phase of the menstrual cycle, so it is very important to keep to the treatment schedule your acupuncturist recommends. If habitual miscarriage is an issue, treatments to help prevent miscarriage may be continued throughout the pregnancy.

In both men and women, acupoints and herbs are selected based on the individual pattern of disharmony present. It is this individualization that is part of the key to the success of Chinese medicine in treating infertility and many other health problems.

Jeannette Westlake, A.P., is the former Academic Dean of the Dragon Rises School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and is the co-owner of Awesome Alternative Health, which offers comprehensive alternative medicine and wellness care. For more information email [email protected] or call 321-698-6185.

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