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Take a Bite Out of Stress

Apr 10, 2011 10:58PM

We hear about stress all the time – and experience stress much of the day. Stress is our reaction to any change in our lives. It is fundamental to everyday living.

Yet, too much stress causes wear and tear on the body. Usually, the body will eventually break down at its weakest link. For some people, this breakdown may occur in the jaws and teeth. People who tend to carry their tension in their jaws often find themselves clenching their teeth throughout the day and night. This means that the muscles around the mouth and jaw are always tense and are unable to relax. Eventually, continual jaw tension can lead to symptoms such as tired and sore jaw muscles, cracked and chipped teeth or broken fillings.

If you suspect that you suffer from dental stress, discuss this with your dentist. Though we cannot eliminate stress from our lives, we can pay attention to our bodies so that the effects of stress are less damaging.

For a free pamphlet with more information on this subject, contact Dr. Claire Stagg-Ruda at 321-777-2797. She is located at 2120 Highway A1A in Indian Harbour Beach.

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