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Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

Apr 10, 2011 11:31PM

Eighty percent of people are not satisfied with their work. Research suggests many people simply want a more meaningful life. The guidance of a certified Life Purpose Coach can help navigate the process of clarifying life or career direction. The first step, regardless of the present situation, is to clarify what you want. This seems like a very simple thing. In reality, it is very complex for most people.

Often we feel caught in our survival needs and the stress of a situation, especially if it involves our livelihood. In panic we revert to ‘fixing’ the problem as fast as possible. That usually means looking in the newspaper and applying for job openings by fitting ourselves to the position offered. This often results in the familiar but non-satisfying position that feels so safe. Familiar headaches, upset stomach, anxiety or depression symptoms often surface.

The alternative begins with self discovery – determining what you really want and then crossing the footbridges to your ultimate vision. Through self-exploration you can identify talents, gifts and natural abilities and determine the life or career that utilizes these unique elements.

Creating the ideal life or career is like putting together a puzzle. First, one needs to discover the pieces by moving through the process of self-exploration, options, overcoming blocks to success, conducting research and developing a plan of action. At a certain point the pieces come together and integrate holistically to arrive at your life’s work.

Kathleen Ranahan is a certified Life Purpose Coach. For more information call 772-589-4685.