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Pump Up Your Discs

Apr 10, 2011 11:57PM

Why does a disc in your back get thinner? Think about a moist thick household sponge. A healthy disc is mostly made of water. It also has circular fibers and fibers that cris-cross, so that you can bend and twist in all different directions, allowing you to vacuum, play tennis, and more. When it is thick, it has lots of moisture. Like the household sponge when it is thinner, it is drying out.

By being upright and walking, the weight of the spine on itself, pumps fluid into the disc. This is called imbibition; a fancy medical term you don’t need to remember but is kind of fun to say. So, why when you look at an x-ray, would you have several normal discs and then one (or two or three) discs that are thinner than they are supposed to be? You now know, it has not been getting ‘pumped.’

Why? It usually begins with a muscle that tightened up directly next to the joint. It could have even been a minor injury from years ago or a major injury you remember having over the years. You are still losing water everyday, just like before. It just isn’t getting replenished.

To learn how to get moisture restored back to your discs call Patricia S. Wesley, D.C., 321-631-2225. Wesley Chiropractic is located on Florida Avenue near Cocoa Village.

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