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Magnetic Water

It has been said that putting water over magnets changes the molecular structure of the water. In the book, Discovery of Magnetic Health by George J.Washnis and Richard Z. Hricak, Dr. Barefoot states that the "hydroxylation of water by magnetism creates a digestive environment that simulates the absorption of minerals." The authors expansively cover biological effects of magnetic fields, electromagnetic vs. permanent magnets, comparison of poles, case studies, and how to apply magnetotherapy for a wide variety of conditions.

In addition, magnetizing water by placing magnets on the pipes that bring water into the house may help stop scale from forming in fresh water pipes and improve the taste of tap water. The strong magnetic field modifies the polarization of mineral salts in fresh water and restricts the formation and build-up of sediments in water pipes, hot water tanks, and hot water furnaces, which over time can obstruct the flow of water and efficiency of the appliances.

Magnets have been around for a long time and before you decide to use them for alternative health, please make sure you understand their use. The book makes it very clear that more research needs to be done to determine both the positive and negative effects that magnets may have in the field of alternative health.

Pat York, BPS, CHT is certified in Hypnotherapy, homeopathic first aid and completed an 18-month course in magnets and herbs. For more information on using magnets with water call 772-388-8649.

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