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Qi Gong: The "Qi" to Wellness

The practice of acupuncture and herbology is celebrated globally but for many people outside Asia Qi Gong remains a buried emerald. It is considered the highest form of healing in China and holds one of the longest healing histories. Qi Gong is simple as truth. Movement of the mind, breath and body guide energy according to each intention and unique cellular response. Qi contains the knowledge of creation. Qi (energy) Gong (skill) uses slow movements, visualization, breath work and meditation to collect, project and store universal energy while opening, clearing and reviving the acupuncture meridians (energetic highways).

Qi is naturally collected within ones being, the universe and through the transmission of a realized Master. Qi Gong requires only a small space and it can be preformed standing, sitting or reclining for a 5 minute exercise or a long form routine. Once the form is learned it is naturally free to everyone, to all youthful ages, in all states of health, accessible in every moment. We can awaken to realize that the intentional use of Qi has the inherent ability to heal everything. Qi ultimately heals cells, tissues, muscles and organs, while regulating the body’s systems (nervous-endocrine), and healing chronic health problems such as Fibromyalgia and cancer. Unfortunately Qi Gong is often sought and accessed after other more 'traditional' healing methods have failed. This traditionally Western reactive route to wellness can change. When Qi Gong becomes a part of our daily lives, the direction of the wellness wheel changes, and we become preventative, energized and empowered.

Medical Qi Gong is one practice that has undergone in-depth scientific study and the benefits and healing capacities appear endless. Ailments addressed include stress, thyroid problems, digestive imbalances, constipation, migraine headaches, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, all kinds of lower back pain, neck/shoulder/arm/leg pain tendonitis, bone and joint problems, high/low blood pressure, eye diseases, bladder dysfunction, allergies, hormonal disorders, hot flashes and more.

Wu's Hunyuan Gongs, is a universal system that is recognized as one of the most profound teachings of our century. Grandmaster Weizhao Wu was a world-renowned teacher, legendary healer and Qi Gong Master. His system incorporates decades of healing experience and Chinese Qi Gong from hundreds of Masters including forms that were learned on mountain tops and in temples. Long forms that were known to be very difficult to perfect and memorize were transformed into 25 medical Qi Gong forms.

Eye Qi Gong

"The eyes are the window of your health" Eye problems are a progressing concern with the continued increase of computer use, among other technological devices. When viewing any close object, the eyes try to accommodate by converging which causes eyestrain. One of Grandmaster Wu's great gifts to society is his research and development of "Eye Qi Gong". He developed it in response to his mother's bleeding blurry eye condition and diagnosis of future blindness. She, alongside countless others, has gained full recovery from his technique. Master Wu led a 100 person medical team in a three-year study, receiving 90% success in over 4,000 case studies. Since the early 90's it is nationally promoted throughout China as an exercise to improve vision and myopia. Eye Qi Gong combines 4 techniques; including a series of specific eye movements, Qi Gong breathing, collecting Qi, and projecting Qi to specific acupuncture points. Master Teresa, successor to Grandmaster Wu, explains, "As the nerves of the eyes are right next to the brain, strengthening the eyes gives many unexpected health benefits. I have seen many people improve their vision, migraines/headaches; depression; anxiety; insomnia; poor concentration, memory and strengthen their liver."

Successor Master Teresa Yeung encourages those seeking to empower themselves to attend a 'Be your own healer' workshop. She will be offering Overall Health & Longevity/Anti-cancer Qi Gong; Be your own Healer; Eye Qi Gong, Digestive Qi Gong; Hearing and Blood Pressure Gongs in Orlando August 5th – 8th. For more information call 1-866-894-7460 or visit