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What’s in Your Water?

Apr 10, 2011 11:37PM

There are 3 main hazards to watch for with drinking water: heavy metals, parasites and chlorine derivatives. Metals, like lead and copper, are common in older homes whose plumbing is made from these metals. Like heavy metals, parasites can be present in even the most rigorously controlled water supplies. Agencies that regulate municipal water supplies do allow "acceptable" levels of various contaminants, which have been known to include arsenic, as well as prescription drug residues and even human waste.

Ironically, the chlorine that is used to treat water in order to make it safe poses a health threat of its own. This is because chlorine reacts with organic matter dissolved in water to form cancer-promoting substances known as trihalomethanes. The most commonly known is chloroform gas. When you boil tap water or take a shower in chlorinated water, trihalomethanes evaporate into the air and can then be inhaled.

To avoid health hazards associated with contaminated household water it is wise to invest in a good water filtration system that not only purifies the water you use to drink and cook with, but also removes chlorine and other contaminants from the water you use to bathe and shower

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