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Top 10 Tips for Eating Out During the Holidays

Apr 10, 2011 12:20PM

1. Skip the appetizers.
2. Know what you’re ordering.
3. Plan snacks and meals
4.Avoid fried foods
5.Avoid white flour, sugar, rice, and potatoes
6.Eat raw vegetables.
7.Request salad dressing and sauces on the side.
8.Drink more water.
9.Beware of dessert.
10.Eat only 75% of the portion served.

Americans are eating out more often than ever before, on average, at least 4 times per week. With some thought and planning, eating out can be nutritious and healthy. The more meals you eat away from home, the greater the impact those meals make on your total daily food intake. The pitfalls of eating out include eating too many calories, consuming too much fat, sodium, and hidden carbohydrates and not eating enough fiber. If you eat out regularly make careful choices and be prepared to know what you want and what you must avoid.

Restaurants are a service industry. You are the customer and in charge of what you eat. Most importantly, focus on all the aspects of the dining out experience aside from the food. Enjoy your company, relish the opportunity to eat foods that you would not usually prepare at home, take pleasure in the service, relax in different surroundings and be happy in not having to clean up after the meal.

Finally, encourage healthy food choices for your children. Food preferences and eating behaviors are learned. Being a good role model for your child can be the most effective teacher.

For more information call Joyce Rizzo of Healthy Home Products at 321-637-1924 or visit

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