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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Apr 09, 2011 04:10PM

We as humans in a fast societal pace would not survive if we had to replace all we have taken. Waste is something that, unfortunately, naturally occurs. Yet, we can sure help to diminish this by being as conscious as possible in out daily lives and habits. Be conscious of giving back to the earth what's been taken, even a little bit helps, intent is good. If we all can remember and practice even a little bit of Earth Day everyday, we will help build a better place day by day.

To Celebrate Earth Day everyday consider these suggestions:

  • Use tote bags to food shop, and if you take paper or plastic, re use them.
  • Ask for no styrofoam In restaurants there is usually a better "to go" option such as a small piece of aluminum foil (you can usually reheat in this as well).
  • Bring your own cup to the coffee shop when you are taking it to go.
  • Personal care products can be easily obtained in many health conscious shops. Just be sure to read labels, avoiding products with artificial and synthetic ingredients and components.
  • Be ultra careful in choices of laundry products, soaps, and cleaning products, using only those marked as biodegradable. These products have one of the largest impacts on our rivers, oceans, air and land.
  • Pass along used magazines and good catalogs. Get off the mailing lists of unwanted catalogs.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Eat organic.
  • Landscape with natural plants (both ornamental and useful) and herbs, and in particular, try using plants native to your area. You may be surprised at the variety of beautiful and exotic looking local plants available to you. Not only do native plants promote indigenous wildlife, then also tend to thrive on neglect since they are used to local conditions and so do not need the special applications of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Give fresh water to the birds, they help propagate the local plant life.
  • When painting, get the most natural, low VOC paints available, plant based if possible.
  • Look for natural Pesticides; For example one grower of organic Christmas trees in North Carolina chose to allow the weeds to grow up underneath the trees thereby harboring the beneficial creatures which kept the harmful creatures in check and avoiding the need for pesticides and herbicides.

Doreen imports, creates and private labels her own distinctive line of aromatherapy products using only the finest organic or wild crafted, steam distilled, undiluted, unfractionated essential and base oils. Nature's Spirit can be found at 415 Delannoy Ave., in Cocoa Village - Cocoa, FL. Call 321-632-1221 for more information.

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