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Questioning Your Health

Apr 09, 2011 04:00PM

Chinese Medicine is a philosophy based on treating the body as a total unit. It originated thousands of years ago, and still knows that nature provides us with treatments which can successfully cure most ailments. Teaching the patient to become in tune with their body, pains, symptoms, and feelings in combination with the use of herbal medicine and acupuncture can provide a daily existence which is closer to the healthy happy life which we have gotten so far away from.

Both herbal medicine and acupuncture are specifically formulated by taking each patient’s individualized pattern of illness and treating it accordingly. The prescription is based directly on the individual patients’ symptoms, emotions, and overall body composition. The first step is to understand health. We have probably forgotten what it feels like, if we ever knew. The following list of questions will allow you to understand health.

Do you sleep through the night?

Do you have at least one bowel movement a day early in the morning?

Is the color of your urine a very pale to clear yellow?

Are your feet warm during the night? Do you kick them out from under the covers?

Is your thirst normal?

Is your energy level high?

Is your appetite normal?

Are your emotions grounded? Secure?

Is your tongue coated with a light white coating? Is your tongue smooth and without a crack down the middle?

Are you living pain free without chemicals?

If your answer is “yes” to the above questions –congratulations you are not coping with the chore of your life—you are living a joyful life. If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, consider seeking the help of herbs and acupuncture and learn to demand a healthy life.

Maria Hart, a doctor of oriental medicine & acupuncture physician is located at Alternative Medicine Clinic in Sebastian, FL. Please call 772-589-8931 for information and appointments.

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