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7 Steps to Reverse Sinusitis

Apr 09, 2011 04:17PM ● By David Rindge, L.Ac., RN

Two factors in virtually all sinusitis are allergies and infection. Infection is usually overlooked when it is sub-acute or when drainage is clear as in viral infections. Three out of four sinus infections are viral, and they will not respond to the antibiotics so commonly prescribed for them. The following protocol is a highly effective marriage of modern technology and herbal medicine.

1)   Purchase and begin using a HEPA filter. These are available in most department stores. A HEPA filter will reduce exposure to airborne allergens. Keep it on 24 hours a day in your bedroom for at least the first week and during sleep thereafter.

2)   Eliminate dairy. Allergens need not be airborne to be a factor. There are two things to avoid in dairy products; the things we know about and those we don’t. Cow’s milk and products derived from it are mucous forming and 80% of us lack the enzyme to digest it.

3)   Purchase and begin using a neti pot. These are available from health food stores and herbal suppliers. A neti pot resembles Aladdin’s lamp. It is an ancient Indian tradition to gently irrigate the sinuses and remove mucous. Fill with tap water, adding a pinch of sea salt, place the tip into one nostril and tilt the head, allowing the water to flow by gravity and drain through the other side. Repeat on the other side.

4)   Decongest. Steam with essential oil such as eucalyptus, lavender, or rosemary.

5)   Goldenseal Snuff. Ouch! Not for the faint hearted! Yet this is the key! Snuff a tiny amount into each nostril AFTER using the neti pot and steam. It will burn for a bit after you take it. Goldenseal has strong bactericidal and viricidal properties, and, when taken in this way, it places a barrier between mucous membranes and microorganisms. (Take a break after four days of consecutive use.)

6) Echinacea Tincture. For adults: 1 tsp every two to three hours for three days then 1 tsp 4 x daily for 7 days. Use1 drop/pound of body weight for children. (See below for how to prepare Echinacea Tincture).

7)   Vitamin C: to bowel tolerance. In most cases this will be around 3,000 – 4,000 mg of Vitamin C 3-4 x daily for adults.

Echinacea TinctureAlthough it is most commonly thought of as a treatment for respiratory infections almost exclusively, because of its antimicrobial properties, Echinacea is extremely effective in a wide variety of conditions. Echinacea in liquid form as a tincture or tea is far more effective than powders, capsules or tablets.

Prepare and stock your own Echinacea Tincture by following the directions below. Please note there are three other herbs in this formula as well as the two varieties of Echinacea at its heart. Herbs are far more effective in combination and are almost always given that way by those who understand them. Red clover helps move blood --- very important in infection. Oregon grape root is chosen to enhance the effects of Echinacea because it too has antimicrobial properties. Astragalus is a builder to strengthen the immunity.

An adult dosage of Echinacea tincture is one teaspoon every two hours for three days at the first sign of cold or flu. Reduce dosage to 1 teaspoon four times daily for seven days thereafter. Adults should also take Vitamin C three to four times daily at the same time to bowel tolerance, usually around 3,000 mg. of organically derived Vitamin C. By following this routine, one can often stave off the full effects of a cold or flu.

Echincacea Tincture1 Part Echinacea Purpura
1 Part Echinacea Augustifolia
1 Part Red Clover Blossom
1 Part Oregon Grape Root
1 Part Astragalus


  • Fill a clean wide mouth jar about ½ to ¾ full with herbs.
  • Cover completely with 100% proof vodka (make sure alcohol covers herbs by at least 2 inches).
  • Cover tightly shaking daily for at least 2 weeks (leave tinctures up for about 8 weeks if you like).
  • Strain and store liquid in dark bottles in a cool dark place.
  • To eliminate the alcohol, place tincture in ¼ cup warm water, and allow it to stand for five minutes before drinking
  • One tsp every one to two hours during acute infection, then ½ teaspoon four times daily for adults. Use 1 drop/pound of body weight for children.

David Rindge, L.Ac., RN integrates traditional methods of oriental medicine with multiple strategies to restore health and well-being at the Center for Cooperative Medicine in Melbourne, Florida. David is Vice-President of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association,. He has over thirty years experience in western and eastern medicine as an acupuncture physician, registered nurse, respiratory therapist, perfusionist and hypnotherapist.

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