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Is it really ADHD?

Apr 07, 2011 05:11PM ● By Holly Fales

Ron Minson, MD, neurologist and psychiatrist of the Center for Inner Change, says that over 90% of his clients leave their program without needing medication – most of them were falsely labeled with ADHD. When we moved to Florida my daughter was suddenly included that group. Her new doctor decided she had ADHD during a seven minute visit for the flu. He confidently offered Ritalin.

If you were given a quick diagnosis of ADHD consider two issues:

1. Was there was a test performed comparing your child’s attention to national norms? Attention is a skill that can be demonstrated, measured and compared.

2. Were there medical tests to rule out other disorders? There are over 40 disorders that mimic ADHD. To prevent giving your child unnecessary medication, invest the time to rule out other conditions.

Statistics show that you can not always depend on the credentials of educational or medical professionals to get an accurate diagnosis. Modern technology now allows us to test attention. Neuro-technology also allows us to opt for a more holistic intervention that can rehabilitate the brain’s ability to attend without medication.

Holly Fales is the owner of A+ Academy and Educational Services. They offer attention testing which can come in the form of an IVA, TOVA, and Optex, as well as Neuro-technology (Tomatis) for treatment. Call 321-751-1313 for a free test to see if your child could benefit from this program.

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