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Purify Pesky Pollutants

The Miller family is probably much like yours. They rush from one place to another: after work and school; mom and dad take the kids from swimming to soccer practice, from piano and guitar lessons to gymnastics and baseball games. Every day is full of activity. When they finally head home for the evening, they want to relax and enjoy their time together. Even with all the running around they do, the average family, the Millers, included, spends about 90% of their time indoors.

What we don’t typically consider is that every day, we are exposed to pollutants – outdoors, at work and even in our homes. Unknowingly, microscopic particles fill the air and then our lungs, or cover surfaces, which can cause you and your children to be very sick. It can happen slowly, building up over time making it even more difficult to pinpoint the pollutants as the cause.

There are many different types of air treatment systems on the market, and they all claim to have the best technology to get the air in your home the cleanest. While filters treat the small amount of air that passes through the unit, a purification system can get into the air to treat all of it.

Air Filters stick style, table-top, or floor-standing are passive technology. They can only treat the air that passes through the unit. Most are limited in the amount of air they treat and require the pollution to reach the solution. Air purification units are active technology. They treat the air in the actual environment. Some systems have been proven to eliminate smoke and odors from the air, and can reduce up to 99.99% of mold and bacteria on surfaces.

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