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Whole Truth about Whole Food

Apr 07, 2011 01:55AM

Supplementing your diet with herbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-rich food and drink is key to your health. Organic whole food is beneficial in daily meals as well as supplementation. Conventional farming techniques usually add about three minerals to the soil which yields aesthetically pretty produce that can be deficient in the 60+ minerals we need for optimal function. Plants simply cannot absorb and pull out of the soil what is not there.

By the time plant food is processed and transported to our tables, it is usually devoid of the life giving nutrients we expect. Ideally we want our diets to contain mostly organic food that is grown with natural fertilizers replenishing the soil and enriching produce. Without toxic chemicals, organic whole foods feed the body and soul on a myriad of levels. If we aren’t getting our nutrients from organic products, we need to adequately supplement our diets to meet our nutritional needs. Recent research supports that we need more than USP vitamins. Look for organic whole foods in your supplements.

Joyce Ott is a Natural Health Consultant available for free consultations by appointment at The Health Station, located at 2500 N Hwy A1A in Indialantic. The Health Station features an exclusive all organic restaurant called The Jungle offering a gourmet organic menu. For more information call 321-773-5678.

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