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Green Clean Your Home

Apr 07, 2011 01:53AM

An average American home contains about 62% toxic chemicals and produces 25 pounds of hazardous waste. This eventually reaches our oceans and rivers. Much of this waste can be attributed to household chemicals. We as consumers have little knowledge because the chemicals are not revealed on labels. Two percent of 72,000 synthetic chemicals since 1945 have been tested. Toxins are stored in the fatty tissue; the brain and breast are prime targets because of their fat content. According to Poison Control, household products and bleach are among the top culprits for more than 3 million poisonings each year. To help keep your home healthy consider using environmentally friendly products. Healthier products are becoming more popular as evidenced when featured on Oprah’s Earth Day show.

Valerie Lawson is the owner of Naturally Clean. She carries earth friendly products as seen on the Oprah show. For more information call 321-986-9136.

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