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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Good Vibrations

Apr 07, 2011 01:57AM

All things have a vibration. That is a simple scientific fact. Yet when we really think about these energies they suddenly become very magical and somewhat mysterious. Essential oils are the transformation of pure plant matter into the obtainable liquid. This carries the essence of the botanical’s vibration creating inspiration on a holistic level.

Therapeutically the traits of pure essential oils will lend their healing properties via the air breathed as they enter the respiratory passages and emit their beneficial various nutritive traits. The true scent of a flower passes through the olfactory system to impact the functions of the brain; the scent will either make an impact on the emotions or cause a return of a memory offering therapeutic healing. Aromatherapy’s source: petals, leaves, woods, resins, citrus peels and seeds all contribute to our connection with nature. Distinctive aromatherapy is using only pure plant products; these contain the soul of the plant that carries the life force into our vibration.

Doreen DeSerres has been sharing her knowledge of pure botanical essential oils for over 18 years through her Nature’s Spirit product line. Nature’s Haven is located at 602 Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village (south-side across from Cocoa City Hall and Murdock’s restaurant.) For more information call 321-632-1211, email [email protected] or visit

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