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What’s in Your Wine?

Apr 07, 2011 01:25AM

The use of added sulfites is debated heavily within the winemaking community. Many vintners favor their use in extremely small quantities, to help stabilize wines, while others frown on them completely.

The exception is sulfur dioxide- the simplest form of sulfite and a natural by-product of the wine making process. No wine is completely sulfite free. In the U.S., wines can contain up to 350 ppm of sulfites. Organic winemaking standards, as adopted recently by the USDA, limit the use of sulfites to 100 ppm in all finished products. However, most organic wines contain less than 40 ppm of sulfites. Currently there are only a handful of vintners producing wines with no additional sulfites added. In the U.S., wines labeled “organic” cannot contain added sulfites. Wines that have added sulfites, but are otherwise organic, are labeled “wine made from organic grapes.”

The FDA says only about .4% of the population, or about a million people, is considered highly allergic to sulfites. Asthmatics are at the top of the list and most sensitive, where severe allergic reactions may occur.

However, many people are considered sulfite sensitive. Even for moderate wine drinkers, the average level of sulfites found in many conventional wines can cause heartburns or other side effects. Unpleasant reactions include burning sensations, hives, cramps, and flushing of the skin.

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