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Feeling Anxious?

Apr 07, 2011 06:44PM

Most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives, like nervousness in anticipation of a real situation. However, if a person cannot shake unwarranted worries, or if the feelings are jarring to the point of avoiding everyday activities, he or she probably has an anxiety disorder. It is estimated that 19 million people suffer from anxiety often requiring treatment.

Symptoms: Chronic, exaggerated worry, tension, and irritability that appear to have no cause or are more intense than the situation warrants. Physical signs, such as restlessness, trouble falling or staying asleep, headaches, trembling, twitching, muscle tension, or sweating, often accompany these psychological symptoms.

Treatment: Anxiety is among the most common, most treatable mental disorders. Effective treatments can include Holistic Psychotherapy (talk therapy addressing the mind-body-spirit), relaxation techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique (a psychological acupressure technique which optimizes emotional health), and the use of natural supplements. Often a general over the counter multivitamin taken once a day plus the addition of L-Theanine taken 2 -3 times a day is recommended. L-Theanine is an amino acid derived from green tea. Discovered in Japan, it is considered so safe that it is commonly put into soft drinks for children in Japan to help them relax. Theanine is a precursor to GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, and studies have shown that Theanine increases GABA levels more effectively than any other supplement. Although Theanine has a distinct calming, relaxing effect, it is non-addictive, non-habit forming, and it has no known side effects. Unlike drug sedatives, Theanine is not stupefying; in fact, its long term effect is to help focus the mind and make it sharper.

Support: If you suffer from anxiety, relief may stem from the support of family and friends, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Ideally, family members should be supportive without helping to perpetuate your symptoms. However, if the family tends to trivialize the disorder or demands improvement without treatment, it's better to look elsewhere for help such as a close friend. You may want to occasionally have a close friend or family member join the therapy session. It provides the additional support which is always helpful and makes you feel that you are not alone in dealing with the problem.

Studies show that treatment which includes a combination of pychotherapy, relaxation techniques and support from family and friends has been the most successful in treating anxiety.

Life Recovery center is headed by Dr. Kevin G. Kilday. The center offers effective treatments including Holistic Psychotherapy. For more information call 321-704-0602.

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