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Acupunture help for Migrane Relief

Apr 07, 2011 06:30PM

Millions of people of all ages in this country suffer from migraine headaches. If you suffer from this type of headache, you have felt the severe pain they can cause on one or both sides of your head. The pain can be intense, throbbing or pounding, and is usually felt in the forehead, temple and ear, or around the eyes. You may also have experienced an upset stomach or disturbed vision during the headache. An attack can last as long as several days.

Some migraines, known as ‘classic’ migraines, are announced by a specific set of symptoms called an aura that arrive 10 to 30 minutes before the attack. You may see flashing lights or zigzag lines. Your vision may blur. Some people have difficulty speaking, weakness in their limbs, tingling in their face or hands, or a feeling of confusion.

Migraines may be set off by a number of things, including stress, flickering lights, hormone levels, the weather, and certain foods. Most people who suffer from migraines have constipation problems or incomplete bowel movements. When the metabolism can not make the waste exit, the pressure starts to build behind the eyes and a migraine develops.

The best news is that this disorder does not have to be a life-long struggle. Proper treatment can, in most cases, eliminate the underlying causes and the recurring pain of migraine headaches. Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on reducing the moisture around the veins in the temple area. Mild cases of migraine can be effectively treated with certain herbs, prepared in carefully designed combinations by the Chinese Medicine Practitioner. In more severe cases, your herbal treatment may be combined with a short series of acupuncture treatments. Neither type of treatment produces any adverse side effects.

Dr. Bo-Shih Ni is a licensed acupuncture physician who has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for 25 years. His practice, Brevard Acupuncture, is located in Melbourne. Dr. Bo will be speaking at Wild Oats in Melbourne on Tuesday, February 28th at 7pm. For information and appointments call 321-757-9821.