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Creating the Love We Want

Apr 06, 2011 09:49AM

The single most important thing to us in this world is our relationships; our relationship to ourselves and our relationship to others. We need others, even those people we do not know. We would not be able to eat if it was not for someone growing the food. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, gas station attendants, airline attendants, and the list continues on. However, we are most aware of those closest to us. Our partner or significant other is the one that presents the most challenges.

To make the shift from conflict to healing requires a dramatic transition from an unconscious relationship to a conscious relationship. We begin by understanding the goals of the unconscious in a relationship and make them the conscious agenda in our relationship. When we break the cycle of wounding, we bring forth resources we did not know we had.

David Steele, in his book Conscious Dating: Finding the Love of Your Life in Today's World, states we have a powerful need and desire for coupling that drives us into and out of relationships. In recent times, we have developed a need to be happy and a decreased tolerance for delayed gratification. When we are single we want to be in a relationship. When we are in an unhappy relationship most of us attempt to improve it and eventually leave if it does not get better.

How do we create the love we want? How do we develop the skills we need? How do we have the peace within our relationship and ourselves? Develop communication skills, know yourself on a very deep level, and heal the wounds of the past so that you can live an intentional and conscious life. Seek professional support in this process. Find a Relationship Coach, Family Therapist or Pastor. Then allow the healing to happen, allow your heart to open and allow love for yourself and others to come through.

Lorraine Edey, LCSW, PhD is a Life, Relationship and Retirement Coach. For more information call 321-288-0692 or email [email protected]

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