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5 Ways to Start Your Day

Apr 06, 2011 02:55AM

Get healthy and stay in shape by taking the "routine" out of exercise. Exercise will balance your body’s enzymes, nutrients, and minerals, giving you more energy, more vitality, and clearer, more vibrant skin.

POWER WALKING: Great workout, easy to learn and virtually anyone can do it. It is low-impact; you work many different muscle groups to produce a total musculoskeletal workout. Speed doesn’t count. It’s about endurance and aerobic cardiovascular conditioning. You want to condition the muscles gradually.

JOGGING: One of the best ways to maintain overall health. You won’t injure your body, as long as you use correct form and technique. Just invest in a good pair of running shoes and hit the trails. With jogging, you can enjoy the great outdoors while you work out, it is a great mood-lifter, and if you find yourself getting bored with your run then vary your route.

BICYCLING: Alternating between running and bike riding will provide a total workout for the legs. Running builds the rear leg muscles and bicycling strengthens the front of the legs. Varying your routine with two exercises lessens the chance of injury to the joints and muscles. When bicycling outdoors always take safety precautions.

SWIMMING: Provides a high-energy cardiovascular workout while strengthening the arms, shoulders and rear leg muscles. Water keeps the resistance low, making this an especially good sport for people suffering from injuries or structural problems that prevent them from engaging in most land sports.

JUMPING ROPE: Jumping burns more calories in a shorter time than any other workout. It’s quite strenuous, so be sure to start slowly and build up gradually; otherwise, you could injure yourself.

For more information call Joyce Rizzo of Healthy Home Products at 321-637-1924 or visit

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