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Reiki Reduces Anxiety

Apr 06, 2011 02:12AM

A recent study conducted by Sandy Brooks, The Reiki Research Project, reveals positive results for Reiki. The research was designed by Betty Bragg, PhD candidate and used the Spielberger State Trait Anxiety Inventory and the Profile of Mood States tests. Cortisol levels were measured in a clinical setting to give scientific proof to the hypothesis that Reiki can lower the effects of anxiety disorders, psychologically and/or physiologically.

Significant change was documented for the Reiki group and included participant experiences such as improvements in physical and psychological functioning, lowered blood sugar level, reduction of headaches, improved eyesight, relief from chronic pain, and stress reduction. Most of the placebo group showed no significant change with some participants reporting some variation of relaxation. The morning participants showed double the drop in cortisol levels in the Reiki recipients in comparison to the placebo group; afternoon participants reflected three times as great cortisol drops in the Reiki group than the placebo group. Overall results confirm the positive effects of Reiki on both psychological and physiological effects of anxiety.

Sandy Brooks is an LMT (MA37043, MM12519) and teaching Reiki Master. Tranquil Oak Therapies is located at 700 E. Lincoln Ave., Suite 1, Melbourne. For more information call 321-258-3526.

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