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QiGong for Modern Life

Apr 06, 2011 02:28AM ● By Richard Todd

Feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated? Are you worried about what the future might bring? Consider combating stress with an ancient system that can help with all aspects of modern life.

QiGong comes from ancient China and is known as Chi Kung or Qigong, which may be translated as "skill with universal energy." It is known to improve the balance and harmony of analytical and emotional processes, promote clear objective perceptions and promote health and well-being in preventive as well as palliative and curative modes. Used for millennia, every generation has passed this system on to the next and has expanded and improved its practices and methods.

Decision making: Those that practice Qigong learn to discern the intent of others. Even the most rational will make mistakes if they are not fully aware of their circumstances. Qigong practitioners maintain a high level of awareness regarding their current environment so that they are not surprised by seemingly random occurrences. The mental and emotional stress caused by indecision, uncertainty and poor choices is reduced or eliminated.

Injury: Even the healthiest can fall ill or get injured. Qigong promotes vigorous health by improving core strength, endurance, balance and agility. The risk, severity and duration of illness and injury can be reduced.

Staying Centered: Even the sanest of people can find themselves disconnected from reality under some circumstances. Qigong improves the balance and dynamic harmony of body, mind and spirit so that one’s life achieves stability based on objective reality.

Longevity: Qigong encourages synergy of all of the various body systems so that they all work together to rejuvenate each other.

Richard Todd is a certified Qigong instructor. For more information call 321-631-6791 or visit

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