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Aging, Inflammation, Obesity...are they all related?

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Estimated 1.7 billion people world wide are classified as either overweight or obese. Currently 70.8% of men and 66.2% of women in U.S. are overweight.

The health consequences as a result of obesity include diabetes, cardio vascular disease, cancer, sleep apnea, sudden death, arthritis, menstrual abnormalities hyperlipidemia, Alzheimer's, and many more.

Obesity also causes inflammation, which then causes aging. A vast majority of overweight people develop metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and silent inflammation.

Unfortunately, the fight against the obesity epidemic has failed on most fronts. The weight loss industries have taken advantage or our vulnerabilities to weight problems with their endless ineffective products. The healthcare authorities and practitioners have failed to communicate and educate the public on the scope of the obesity problem and the practical means of dealing with it. Pharmaceutical industries have taken over, and now we have a pill for every disease.

People age 65 and older are more than twice as likely as younger adults to be treated in emergency rooms because of adverse drug reactions. One reason: kidney function declines with age, making it harder for the body to eliminate drugs.

Currently, only a few anti-obesity drugs are approved by regulatory authorities for long term use. While reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity, combined with behavior modification, appears to be the most rational approach of weight loss, it only offers short lived success.

Losing weight is not just about eating less of the wrong things; it's about eating more of the right things. Studies show that the right balance of nutrients can reverse the metabolic abnormalities of diabetes and prediabetes. People can begin losing weight even before implementing an exercise program.

Anti- obesity medications, combined with the right balance of minerals, vitamins and high dose, long chain, Omega-3 fatty acids, play a pivotal role in losing weight and more importantly maintaining the weight loss. They are also responsible for reversing the aging process and reducing or even eliminating the need for pharmaceutical medications.

Deepti Sadhwani, M.D. is located at Quality Health Care in Sebastian. She specializes in fighting obesity, aging and helping people reduce and eliminate the need for medication. For more information call Dr. Sadhwani at 772-581-2373.

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