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Massage Suggestions for Computer Users with Wrist Pain

Apr 06, 2011 02:30AM ● By Trish Myers

If you're a computer user experiencing pain and tingling in your hands and fingers, you’re not alone. If you think it is carpal tunnel syndrome, visit your doctor. Otherwise, here are a few non-medical massage techniques to bring relief from temporary pain.

Try placing the tip of your forefinger in the groove behind the collarbone right where it meets the shoulder. Massage the tender area 10-15 times. The pain may actually originate in this area.

You can gently press around both sides of the elbow joint. Massage any tender points for 5-10 seconds, continuing until all points are found.

Rest your forearm across your knee. Make a fist with the other hand with the thumb protruding. Slowly move the thumb up the outside of the biceps, massaging any tender areas. Be gentle. Don't bruise the biceps.

Place the affected wrist in the opposite palm. Using your thumb, rub back and forth from just below the heel of the hand over and across the fleshy part of the thumb.

Raise your chair and/or lower your keyboard. Get up periodically. Switch between mouse and keyboard. Use wrist support. Use an ice pack. Don't apply heat. If the pain persists, see your doctor.

Trish Myers, LMT (MA# 43530) is the owner of Professional Therapeutic Massage of Melbourne. She has extensive experience in trigger point, lymph drainage and relaxation massage techniques. For more information or an appointment call 321-70-4500.