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Preparing Emotionally For the Holidays

Apr 06, 2011 02:23AM ● By Susan Sawyer

When you begin to think about the upcoming holidays, do you feel the excitement of a child or the dread of an adult? It is a well known fact that the holiday season can bring forth significant negative thoughts for many people. Why? For many people, the holidays create a sense of judgment. "Going home" to face relatives can make you worry whether you have the right job, the right spouse, the nicest home, or the best behaved children. For others, it is a time of loneliness, no relatives to visit or no one significant to share time with. And this year brings a whole new level of worry about the financial aspects of the holidays.

The good news is that you can have a calm and peaceful holiday season by preparing yourself now. Take a good look at your life in this moment. Forget about living up to unreasonable expectations. Set a strict budget for yourself that fits where you really are financially. Take that amount of money, in cash, to do your shopping and leave the credit cards at home. Better yet, leave the credit cards in a frozen container of water, so that any cravings you have to spend, unwisely, must wait until the cards unfreeze! (Did you know that cravings, any cravings, last for a period of only three to five minutes or until you distract yourself with other thoughts?) Consider making gifts for people or deciding within your family to keep reasonable limits on spending. Send holiday greetings out by e-mail. Remind yourself of the original intentions behind sending cards and giving gifts were to let others know that they mattered in your life, not to prove that you can afford to spend more than the next person. Don’t fall into the trap of letting other’s expectations rule you. If you are lonely, use it as a reason to join or start a group that will help others less fortunate than you. You and only you are responsible for finding true meaning and purpose for your life.

Most importantly, understand that "your thoughts create your reality." If you find that you are having difficulties putting your thoughts into a positive or constructive framework, know that there is help out there for you. By working with a well trained hypnotist or certified "Emotional Freedom Technique" Trainer, you can quickly and effectively put yourself on the fast track to holiday happiness.

Susan Sawyer is a Board Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist and a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer, with a private practice in Melbourne. She works with individuals (adults and children), groups, and businesses. For more information call 321-432-7267 or visit

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