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Organic – The Affordable Choice

Apr 05, 2011 01:24AM ● By Kimberle Smith

Taste an organic apple. Feel the flavor explode in your mouth, experience the delicate textures. The difference is clear. Give an organic apple to a toddler and notice that she eats it tender skin and all. Eat organic for one week and you will feel the difference in every aspect of your life.

If you had to choose between fuel for your car that would provide 3 miles per gallon for $2.98 a gallon or fuel for your car that would provide 10 miles per gallon for $4.10 a gallon, which would you buy? The fuel that gives you the most mileage is obviously the better choice. Food is fuel for our bodies. Organic broccoli gives your body 70% more nutrition at $2.98 a bunch than conventional broccoli at$2.25 a bunch. Organic is the obvious choice.

Organic food offers our bodies 70% more fuel per bite which means that in the long run we will eat less, making it an even greater value. Have you ever stood in front of the cupboard after eating a large meal looking longingly for something else? The "something" you haven’t satisfied is your nutritional needs. While another cookie may fill you up, it still won’t satisfy that hunger. When we fuel or bodies with organic foods those moments in front of the cupboard become a distant memory.

Organic food nourishes the body and eliminates the hunt for something more. So bite into that organic apple and savor the flavor. It’s good for your health, your happiness, and your planet.

Kim Smith is the owner of A-Live & Healthy Organic Eatery located at 205 McLeod Street in Merritt Island. For more information call 321-576-0990.

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