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The Weight Loss Mystery

Apr 05, 2011 06:33PM ● By Chelsey Croskeys

Why is weight loss so challenging? Despite easily accessible, excellent resources regarding nutrition, exercise, and stress relief, we are largely unsucessful in lasting weight loss in this country. Many people lose weight initially, only to gain the weight back after the initial motivation passes. We believe this struggle in weight loss results from a failure to address all the aspects of weight gain.

Weight gain is an exceptionally complicated process. Metabolism, endocrine function, emotional eating, food choices, cravings, habits, exercise, portion control, psychological relationship with food, and stress all contribute to the number on the scale. Addressing all these factors, especially the psychological relationship with food is crucial for lasting success. For this reason, an approach that touches on all the major contributors to weight gain is the most effective.

Group settings promote a supportive environment with accountabiliy. Unlocking the strong pyschological connection to food can also make lasting weight loss attainable. Hypnosis re-routes our damaging mental associations with food (comfort, reward, stress, etc.) and reprograms healthy attitudes toward food consumption. This is the aspect of weight loss that most programs ignore. Psychological associations to food are reinforced over many, many years, and are very difficult to release without assistance. Without handling the psychological element to weight loss, you will always be struggling against yourself. Adding laser acupuncture point stimulation to address cravings and sound nutritonal education in a group setting provides a comprehensive solution to the complicated issue of excess weight. When embarking on your journey to healthy weight and vibrant energy, consider a program that combines the physical, psychological, and nutritional to greatly enhance your success.

Chelsey Croskeys is an Acupuncture Physician specially trained in advanced balance method acupuncture and has completed a master's degree in nutritional sciences. Kathy Doner, MD is a Board Certified Internal Medicine doctor with over 25 years in the medical field. She now specializes in hypnotherapy. They will be offering group weight loss programs beginning in October. Call 321-507-3720 for more information.

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