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Is your Water Clean and Green?

Apr 05, 2011 06:41PM ● By Denise Boehm, LMT and Carol Todisco, LMT

We are composed of over 70 % water. As such, water is the principle component our body needs for survival. Every system in our body depends on water to hydrate the body, flush toxins, and carry nutrients into our cells.

Currently, there are 260 contaminates found in nation’s tap water, more than half of those have no safety standards. In the state of Florida 63% of our water systems are in violation of EPA standards. According to the City of Melbourne Water Quality Report for 2007, our local drinking water contains allowable limits of uranium, cyanide, lead, and chlorine, among other things.

We have made great strides towards acquiring what we have come to believe is healthy water by transitioning to drinking bottled water. According to Environmental Magazine, bottled water is neither cleaner, nor greener than your tap water.

To protect your health and your environment consider water filtration. Look for a filtration system that:

1.Eliminates chlorine, a known carcinogen, heavy metals, and bacteria,
2.Adds negative ions which facilitates hydration and absorption,
3.Increases and balances alkaline levels of the blood,
4.Doesn’t leach plastic particles into the water or contribute to landfills.

For more information on affordable, high quality water filtration systems contact Della, Denise, or Carol at Lotus Heart Holistic Center, 321-768-7575.

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